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Information for foreigners – driving school course


About our driving school REAL
Our services
When is it necessary... exchange it for a CZ driving license
Conditions which foreign applicants must meet
About the course
Do I need a professional interpreter?
Forms needed to start the course
Price list - group B, Refresher lesson
How to pay?
Contact us!
Reviews from our graduates

About our Driving school REAL, RXA s.r.o.

Our Driving school is situated in Brno – the district of Černá Pole, Alešova 35 street and has been operating in Brno for over 24 years. We aim to provide a kind and individual approach to our students at a reasonable cost. We currently use Škoda Fabia and Chevrolet Aveo cars for our driving courses.
Foreign students after success final test.

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Our services

Our driving school offers courses for applicants for a driving license of B group (a passenger car up to 3.5 t).

Currently, we only have manual transmission cars available for training. We do not provide motorcycle training in 2024.

We also offer refresher lessons for those who have a full driving license but need some help because maybe you did not drive for a long time. For companies and businesmen we do training courses for drivers using company cars (safety training), which is required by the Czech law.

When is it necessary for a foreigner who has a driving license from their own country to exchange it for a Czech driving license

A foreigner who is not a member of a European Union country and who has a permanent or a temporary residence with a long-term visa for a period longer than 1 year in the Czech Republic, is obliged to apply at the local town authority for a Czech driving license in exchange of their previous license within 3 months from the date of effect of the residence permit or temporary residence permit with a long-term visa. If the exchange cannot be made, the foreigner must do a driving course in a driving school. A member of the European Union country who has a driving license issued by a European Union country and resides in the Czech Republic, can apply at the local town authority for a new driving license in the case of loss, theft or damage of their previous driving license.

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Conditions which foreign applicants must meet

A resident of a foreign country can only take a course in a Czech driving school, if they have a permanent or temporary residency in the Czech Republic.
Interpreter with student-foreigners after finals
Photo: Interpreter with students-foreigners after finals.

This also applies to the residents of EU member states. Documents for termporary or permanent residency can be obtained at the foreign police, see on
the map: Cejl 62b, 60200 Brno-Zábrdovice.

Conditions for obtaining driving licence - see more this PDF document (translation of the official document from City office): Requirements for obtaining a driving license in the Czech republic

For more information on the requirements for obtaining or exchanging a valid licence from another country visit

About the course

The course in the driving school consists of theoretical classroom lessons (dates can be agreed individually ) and practical driving lessons in a car (min. 14 lessons, 1 lesson takes 1.5 hour).

For learning a theory (traffic rules, signs, tests etc.) we also use an Elearning system - you can try a Sample lesson.

The final exam

The final exam consists of a written test (with an interpreter) and a practical driving test.
In case of 3 failed practical tests, it is necessary to complete the whole basic training (14 rides) again. Then there are 3 tries at the test again.
Requirements for the practical test set by law.

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Official interpreter

The examination is done in Czech. If the foreigner does not understand Czech well (both spoken and written form), they will need the services of an interpreter both for the course and the examination. The requirement is an official interpreter, i.e. an interpreter registered as official interpreter (upon appointment by the court).

Do I need a professional interpreter?

If you are considering taking driving lessons in our driving school, we can offer you services of a professional interpreter into English/Czech, who meets the legal requirements for interpreting in a driving school. This interpreter has been cooperating with our driving school for some time already and has helped a lot of our studens to successfully complete the course and the examination.

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Forms needed to start the course

To start a course in a driving school you need two forms: an application form  and   a health certificate. You can obtain both blank forms in the office of our driving school or you can download them and print them directly from our website.

But usually the doctor prints out the form. We fill out the application form together in the office. So there's no need to print any forms.

If you have not a Czech doctor, we can recommend MUDr.Tomáš Klobas, situated on Drobného 48 street in Brno. It is necessary firstly call or write to him and do a booking.
Phone number: +420 777 173 233,

Group B, passenger car
Price per course for foreign students: 21,900 CZK

Price includes - initial meeting, 14 driving lessons, e-learning system with materials in English, planning system via internet web or via Android app - both available in English language. Payment in maximum of five instalments is acceptable.

The price does not include the interpreter's fee of CZK 2,000 for the written exam and the municipality's fee of CZK 700. Fees are payable on the day of the final exam.

Preparation for the final exam for those who can exchange their valid driving licence: 11,200 CZK

Price includes 7 driving lessons, payment in maximum of three instalments is acceptable. Other conditions are the same as in the previous paragraph.

Refresher lesson group B: 1,100 CZK

Refresher lesson, for those which have valid driving licence. One lesson take 90 minute. For foreigners in English.

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How to pay?

We use these methods for payment:
- In cash in the office.
- Payment by credit card in the office.
- By transferring to a bank account. See the account number below.

Our tip: Create QR code for payment

Contact us!

If you have any questions concerning the course, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and you can come to meet us directly in our driving school. We are happy to answer all your questions. You can also use the contact form for your question which will be sent to our Driving school or write to the following email:


  • Find us on a map: Alešova 35, Brno 61300
  • The Bank connection:
    Bank number: 167586031
    Bank code: 0300 (ČSOB)
    Ref. No.: date of birthday (ddmmyyyy) or
    ID number (login name) from Driving school (99999) if you already have.
  • E-mail:
  • Watch us on facebook
  • Phone: +420 777 568 234

In Brno, last change: March 2024

We are looking forward to our cooperation!

Autoškola REAL, RXA s.r.o.

Reviews from our graduates:

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " Thank you Mr Foral and your great teachers for all the help! I really appreciate it! "
Flavia M., Romania

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " I would recommend this driving school to my foreign friends. They have an e-learning system in english, videos with english subs explaining everything you need to know for the theory and practical exam. The instructors are really patient, and do their best at teaching, knowing how hard the final exam be and how mistakes can add up. Come always prepared for the driving class (theoretical knowledge) and you will have a great experience. "
Arabela S., Bosna

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " Thank you for the nice and responsible teaching! "
Zhengyue Z., China

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " It was really nice experience. All the staff was willing to help me. The teachers were very kind and professionals. I highly recommend the driving school. Thanks to all my teachers and Mr. Foral for the support. "
Gerardo V., Mexico

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " I passed the practical test for motorcycle A. I would like to thank you, Ms Zvoníčková and Mr Chaloupek for the excellent support, service and patience you had with me. The best proof of the quality you all deliver: I passed both tests on the first attempt. I will recommend you highly to all. "
Wouter K., Belgium

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " Big thanks to Autoškola Real, Mr. Foral and all the teachers. Thank you for the great experience and the useful lessons. Good luck to All in your coming tests! "
Malak K., Lebanon

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " I would want to thank you for the driving lessons, they were interesting and as well thanks for your approach as person and as professional, for sure if somebody asks me I would recommend your autoskola and you for obtaining a driving license. "
Marco E., Bolivia

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " Thank you, Mr. Foral, and to all your colleagues at the driving school, for your dedication, support and enthusiasm in teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons as I was finally learning how to drive a manual car and at the same time became familiar with managing the roads and navigating around Brno. You do the foreign community a great service and I hope you will continue to do so well into the future! "
Priya B., USA

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " Big thank to you Mr.Foral it was awesome experience with you, I had learned
a lot with you. "
Khozam A., Syria

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " To get my driver’s license is one of my most memorable experiences at Brno, not only because of Brno being a challenging city for drivers but also how enjoyable to learn driving with Mr. Foral. I very much appreciate for his effort, patience and knowledge, which in turn helps me to establish confidence on the road. "
Chennan W., China

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " Thanks a lot for the training and for your help. I have recommended your school to my colleague and will continue to do so. "
Ildar G., Uzbekistan

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " Mr Foral is an excellent teacher and Autoskola Real is a great driving school because of it. He is extremely patient :) I cleared the written test and the practical in first go thanks to the driving lessons from Mr Foral, theory classes at Autoskola with Mrs Zvoníčková as translator, the material they shared and practice tests online. I strongly recommend Autoskola Real and Mr. Foral! "
Avneet J., India

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " I was a student of Real auto-school from December 2014 till April 2015. I've completed 14 lessons and took 4-6 extra lessons. Mr. Foral did fantastic work, I gained really practical skills which will help me in different road situations. From very beginning all my lessons were oriented on practical tests. We did a lot of simulations of real exam. Theory and practical session were on English, the exam was assisted by certified translator. I want to thank Mr. Foral for his professional attitude and wish him all the best and new students! "
Dmitry I., Russia

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " I have found on Real driving school only friendly person, willing to share their experience, teaching you how to prevent unwanted events and prepare for exam. Thank you and good luck! "
Mihai F., Romania

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner " I wanted to say Thank you for teaching me how to drive. I really appreciated your patience that you had with me and all the tips and teachings that you gave me during the driving sessions. I am really glad that I chose your school and that I had the opportunity to learn how to drive from you. I will recommend your school to my friends :). Thank you again, and I wish you all the best. "
Crina T., Romania

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner "I had my driving licence practical as well as the theory lessons in Autoškola REAL. Mr Foral way of teaching and his experiance in teaching was awesome. I took few extra lessons and i passed my driving license in the second time. Since the beginning until i passed Mr.Foral and Autoskola REAL supported me well. I never felt any difficulties during practical lessons or in the exam, all necessary things related to pass the driving has been very carefully supported and managed by Mr Foral and his staff. I strongly recommend this driving school for anyone who want to learn driving in Brno. Thank you Mr Foral and Autoškola REAL ! "
Felix T., India

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner "Mr Foral is a very patient, calm, kind and knowledgeable instructor. It was a pleasure to attend the driving classes and I can fell that my driving skills improved even more. I would like to strongly recommend Autoškola Real for all future successful drivers. "
Ana M., Brazil

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner "Dear Mr Foral, I wanted to thank you again for your great classes and also for your patience and your jokes! I am really happy that i choose your auto school! "
Alice D., France

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner "Your very much welcome and i also thank you for your patience with me because you made me do this with my short time i had, because sometimes I came there after having a 4 or 3 hours sleep but your instructions made be able to do this, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I wish u a nice stay and to please be the same teacher to the following students. "
Moses E., Uganda

Driving school REAL, Brno - driving licence for foreigner "I want to take this opportunity also to thank all of you for your help and patience, also thank all the group from your team with the help given to make sure we have all the tools and knowledge to ensure we that i pass the driving test. I wish you all the best and hope a bright future for you and your company, that i will continue will continue helping others foreigners and locals in their learning and the improving of their driving skills. Thank you once more. "
Francisco R., Colombia

"I am a foreigner, I had all the courses with Mr. Rene Foral and in my opinion everything went great. When I say great, I refer to the fact that every time the courses stared in time. He had all the materials prepared in English so, it was very easy for me to learn. During the driving classes he was very calm and kind and he really teaches you how to drive. You must bare in mind that I am not a born-driver.. but with the things he thought me and with some luck, I succeeded from the first attempt. Also, you will meet there, in case you are also a foreigner, a very kind translator (Mgr. Zdeňka Zvoníčková). All in all, I recommend Autoskola Real for everyone who wants to be successful from start!"
Tudor L., Romania

"I want to take this opportunity to formally thank all of you for your help, understanding and patience in ensuring that I pass the driving test. I wish you all the best and hope that your company will continue to grow. Thank you once again."
Samuel A., Ghana

"Autoskola Real was recommended to me by a friend and it was the best choice for a driving school in Brno that offers training also in English. They are very well-organized in terms of planning the lessons via their online system and make use of the duration of the lesson in the total advantage of the student, unlike other driving schools. The high involvement of the translator in both theoretical and practical classes is a great help for foreign students. I warmly recommend Autoskola Real to anyone interested in aquiring or perfecting their driving skills."
Corina V., Romania

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